20 hours ECE available

Pauatahanui Preschool offers the ECE 20 hours scheme to all children aged 3 and 4 years.


The schedule of fees laid out below is effective from 1 January 2013:

Enrolment Fee
This is a one off charge per child upon enrolment and having your child added to our waiting list  $20
Administration Fee
This is a one off charge per child upon notification of a start date for your child  $40
Preschool Session
Charged if your child does not qualify for the ECE scheme  $6.50 per hour
Other Fees
Optional Charge  $0.99 per hour
Late fee payment if not paid upon due date  10% penalty


If your child is away on holiday or sick for any enrolled session they will be charged a full session fee.

Our fees are charged on a term by term basis and are calculated on the number of hours per term that your child attends, by the number of weeks that the preschool is in operation for that term.

Payment of fees can be made by direct credit, cash or cheque.

The Management Committee also retains the right to increase the fees under the provisions of the Pauatahanui Preschool, and at any time during your child’s enrolment, with a two week notification.